The history of the F.I.D.A. Srl


In the immediate post-war period, new technologies began to be used in domestic and industrial heating systems based on burners. These products see high voltage transformers as an essential component


In Italy, since 1945, the founder Bruno Graziati made a fundamental contribution to ignition devices, through the development of reliable and durable products, the result of an incessant research and development that brought the first transformer without a metal box to the market


The company department dedicated to high voltage transformers for burners and boilers was the first nucleus of what would become in 1974 the F.I.D.A.


Thanks of innovative and competitive products, F.I.D.A. it soon became a leader in Europe for the production and sale of high voltage transformers and in 1997 was moved to today’s headquarters in Mogliano Veneto, near Venice, with 3300 square meters and 3000 square meters of outdoor area


In the 2000s, a further evolution, both in terms of production and management, strengthened the F.I.D.A. on the world market where it has become a point of reference


F.I.D.A. with its industrial experience it turns 75 in 2020. In September 2019 it joined the Beckett family of companies, the undisputed leader in the US combustion market.. The industrial legacy of F.I.D.A. is therefore projected to strengthen its role as a global component supplier. The recognized strengths still today are innovation, reliability, excellent service and the flexibility needed to meet current and future global challenges

F.I.D.A. Srl

Via Tiziano Vecellio, 14 SPZ

31021 Mogliano Veneto (TV)

Tel.: +39 041 5970120

Fax.: +39 041 5970116

Mail: info@fidasrl.eu

F.I.D.A. Srl

Beckett Group


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